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Trussoni Architecture Group (TAG) is a full-service architecture, interior design, and design/build firm.  Our mission is to deliver high-quality design and construction services to procure environmentally, socially and financially sustainable architecture.

Trussoni Architecture Group applies the timeless principles of architecture and engineering with contemporary technology to produce exemplary built environments. Our firm combines the design principles of art, construction, and economy in combinations that are appropriate for each client and project. We study and incorporate location, climate, culture, and function to create a unique design solution for each building. Our expertise in engineering and technology facilitate innovative designs that provide long-term environmental, social, and financial benefits to our clients and the community.

We believe that the highest quality buildings are achieved through an integrative design process where quality design, technology, and construction management are practiced in a collaborative fashion from the inception of a project. Our team of collaborating building professionals are fully engaged in your project until it is completed and operating as intended.

Our practice provides the means to deliver a project, whether commercial or residential, that:

  • Are distinctively aesthetic while sensitive to the context, culture, budget and program of the project
  • Meets our clients’ vision and needs, both present and future
  • Factors in building use, orientation and lifestyle to increase efficiency
  • Are as environmentally effective as possible
  • Are optimized in terms of materials and cost of operation in the short and long-term
  • Are an asset to the client, neighborhood and community

Trussoni Architecture Group is licensed and insured.